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My First Album – Peppa Pig

My First Album – Peppa Pig

My First Album – Peppa Pig

🚮01. It’s Peppa Pig
😴02. Bing Bong Zoo
💩03. Let’s Get Ready! (stolen flow)
🌊04. Expert Daddy Pig
🚛05. Rainbow, Rainbow
🆗06. Super Potato’s Theme
👎🏾07. Peppa and Friends
🔥08. The Class of Madame Gazelle
💤09. Festival Fun!
🚒10. Jumping in Muddy Puddles
🚮11. Holidays!
🚛12. Traffic
🌊13. Balloon Ride
🚛14. Busy Miss Rabbit
👍🏾15. Peppa Party Time
😴16. Peppa’s Lullaby

Project is highkey bacon, cooked ass. The production is trash, like them horror movie instruments they use when kids show up, but minus all the fear. Its got 0 bars, stolen flows, no substance, childish subjects. The mix is clean and somehow some bangers slipped in (confirmed by Baby John D). All together tho this project is a mess, he’s highkey an industry plant targeting the youth, and his accent aint even real. This might be the only time I would recommend autotune because the singing was highkey ass too. These daiper tunes can gtfoh. Motown Magic got the best soundtrack of all time dont @ us.
3.5/10 – John D.

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