Freshman 2 – T. Smith

Freshman 2 – T. Smith

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Freshman 2 – T. Smith

?01. Off Deez
?02. Weezy Dedicate (Highkey snapping)
?03. Icon Living
?04. 1942 Flows
?05. Yes Indeed f. Xzayvier
?06. Bank Account
??07. Gucci Gang
?08. NY State Of Mind
?09. Mo Money Mo Problems
?10. R.I.P. XXXTtentacion

Project is dope, off rip tho I gotta take away points for the production being used and some stuff untouchable. Other than that this project slaps, this dude got the voice of the new age but with all the raps that this new age forgets about. He was out here just having fun and snapping and it honestly felt like this couldve been easy for him. Back to back just doing his thing, it does the job, a nice tape, all flex. Its clean for the most parts, some songs a bit quiet tho and 2 songs have like 40 second ending space of blankness. Im gonna need homie to get his own beats and also show me that he can make full songs. In rotation thooooo.
7.8/10 – John D.


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