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Dedication – Lil Bando

Dedication – Lil Bando

Dedication – Lil Bando

🎥01. Last Child
🌊02. A – Lot (ft. C-Rain)
🌊03. Rainy Flow (ft. C-Rain)
🌊04. Who If You Foolin (ft. C-Rain)
👍05. Suge (ft. C-Rain)
👍06. Bando Dreams (ft. C-Rain)
🌊07. No Limitations (ft. C-Rain, and J Hooligan🌊)
👍08. Thotiana
🌊09. Clout
🌊10. Can’t Leave Without It (ft. Ty Havin🌊)
🌊11. Neighbors
🌊12. Dedicate (ft. C-Rain)
🌊13. Pure Cocaine (ft. C-Rain)
🔥14. Bando Flow (ft. C-Rain)

C-Rain is Gunna and Bando is Lil Baby. There’s lots of nice raps on this joint. The features brought food to the table. The remixes don’t ruin the vibe. But the mixing on the 👍 either put bando or Rain over or under the beat; doesn’t ruin the replay value though. The 🔥 is the kinda jams bando and rain should make.
7.5/10 – Drake K.

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