Dirt Bag – Blueface

Dirt Bag – Blueface

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?1. Dirt Bag (Trap Goldeneye 64 ass beat)
?2. Bussdown f. Offset
?3. Disrespectful
?4. Daddy f. Rich the Kid
??5. Bussin f. Lil Pump
?6. Stop Cappin f. ??The Game
?7. Gang f. ?Mozzy
?8. Bleed It

This guy decided to rap on beat and it still is trash. You can hear his ribs when he’s yelling. Skinny nigga raps, its rough. Voice is constantly cracking, he talking about the same shit. The beats are the most discount bay area shit ever. Sounds like them old video game start menu type shits. Its not good, most industry plant gimmicky shit ever. Not worth the hype, wouldn’t like it if I was at a club, or strip club, at a strip club I would kindly ask the DJ to change it. The features were here just to be here, absorb some of that clout. I highkey wish I could get my 22 min back. Don’t even listen to this for fun.
.5/10 – John D.


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