Bumps & Bruises – Ugly God

Bumps & Bruises – Ugly God

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?01. One Two
?02. Jaguar
??03. For Real
?04. Back to the Basics
?05. Hahaha!
?06. What’s Up?
??07. Bumps & Bruises (Interlude)
?08. Hold Up f. TakeOff
?09. Right Now
?10. Batman (Don’t disrespect the dark knight like this)
??11. History
?12. Outer Space
??13. Tell Me How You Feel f. Wintertime
?14. Leave a Tip (This beat pissed me off every second)
?15. Hello f. Lil Pump [Bonus Track] (Beats Gas)
??16. Lost In the Sauce [Bonus Track]

This guy’s “Pshoom Pshoom” gun adlibs are the worst shit ever. Shits trash, dude is just rhyming the simplest words on some google what rhymes with shit in the worst most monotone boring delivery. Shit ad libs, even shittier bars. The beats are all wack but I really couldn’t tell because he made me want to turn it off. No real replay value. Features couldn’t save it, he couldn’t save it, production couldn’t save it. This is a debut that solidifies that the people in charge of who pops or goes viral should not be in charge of music. His name is still great but other than that, its amateur hour at the Apollo and homie with the hook needs to come out and drag this clown.
2/10 – John D.


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