It’s Juice 2 – Juice Savage

It’s Juice 2 – Juice Savage

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s Juice 2 – Juice Savage

?01. Its Juice 2
?02. Lay Low
??03. Vroom Vroom f. ?Hundunn
?04. How It Go
??05. 2 Violent f. Hunndunn
??06. Rap Kap (Interlude) (mad space at end of track)
?07. Thuggin’
??08. Trap House f. Slugg Savagee
?09. Prescriptions f. Mike Cartel
?10. 4/4/4 f. Devin Durant
?11. Pour Up f. ??Hunndunn

There comes a point where if I hear too much singy rap singy singy rap raps, the artist eventually starts sounding like aziz ansari to me. Project just wasnt hitting, everything was generic from his lines to his melodies to his hooks even his features that didnt do bad were all some sort of store brand new age rappers. It was all very clean tho so I didnt despise it, its just none of it moved me, nothing felt personal, it all felt specifically aimed at whatever the media machine wants to push on these kids nowdays. More unoriginal than anything not bad enough to hated but unoriginal enough to be forgotten immediately.
2.5/10 – John D.


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