Ignorant For Know Reason – Chico City

Ignorant For Know Reason – Chico City

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ignorant For Know Reason – Chico City

?1. Intro Dummy
?2. Roman Circus
?3. Ceviche
??4. QUE Bola
??5. Papaya
??6. Ugly Duckling
??7. Roach Blunt

Off rip I thought this was going to be some real woke shit especially after the intro but the entire project ended up having close to nothing to do with politics or media at all. Most of the bars throughout the project were trash. A couple things worked tracks 5 and 7 were nice so I’d say stick to that lane. Everything else toss down the trash, throw the bag in dumpster and burn that shit.
2/10 – Frankie


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