Next Generation – Lost Boyz

Next Generation – Lost Boyz

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?01. Hip Hop Mike (Live on Hot 97)
??02. Lost Boyz (This hook is top tier ass)
?03. Excuse Me f. Freaky Kah
?04. On Drip f. K Chrys
?05. Sway in the Morning with Lb
?06. Freaks f. Lil Vicious & Doug E. Fresh
?07. Ballin f. Zee Bandxs
?08. Woods f. K Chrys (Beats fire, what they sayin is not)
?09. DJ Enuff (Live at Irving Plaza)
?10. Watch Out f. Freaky Kah
??11. Lifestyels (Lb Remix)

Project is rough. Put all the upset, and let down aside, the music seems forced. Not in a old head just tryna ride a wave type way tho (even tho this is that 1000%) but like if a group of cats who dont got much to do with rap, but they got the cadence cuz they slick talkers figured out the formula for mainstream and decided to put out a project over some regular “mainstream” beats. Its strange, substance is wack, the clips make it seem like they tryna force an old glory on listeners, but the songs have no imprint. In the words of Dave Chappelle as Rick James “They shoulda never gave you niggas money!”
3/10 – John D.

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