I Am Me – BlocBoy JB

I Am Me – BlocBoy JB


I Am Me – BlocBoy JB

?01. Who Ya Tryna Scare
?03. Solo Crippin
?04. Head In My Lap
??05. COPY
?06. Everyday f. ?Moneybagg Yo
?07. Hooray
??08. Privacy
?09. House Party
??10. Mercedes
?11. Sixteen
?12. Let Me Know f. ??Lil Durk
?13. Promise

Project aint it, he highkey raps like he still sounds out his words when he reads. Its a shame because features did good (coulda used a few more) the production was dope, had nice variety to it, the mix was very very clean. Only thing that held this back was him. He gets boring quick, and has no original content. Talks allot about people not knowing what he went through but doesnt explain much of it. I can see people vibing to it if you really not paying attention but I cant seen anyone attaching to it. Project is a waste.
3/10 – John D.


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