Lost & Found – AZ

Lost & Found – AZ


Lost & Found – AZ
?01. Bodies Gotta Get Caught
?02. The Co-Signing
?03. It’s War
?04. Blood Money f. Half-A-Mill & Animal
?05. Quiet Money
?06. Platinum Bars
?07. Gangsta S**t
?08. Groove on f. Half-A-Mill
?09. My N****s
?10. I’m Ready
?11. Let Me Know
?12. We Gonna Make It Right
?13. It B’s Like That f. Animal
?14. Thug Connection
Project hurt. So after the first few tracks you go from thinking man where has he been to realizing that you might not have missed him and that this is just a project of throwaways. The beats are wack, the songs are too long, the features are meh, the mixes are meh. At first its like damn this is dope stuff that shoulda dropped from back in the day but also that you mightve missed him. Then you turn real quick realizing it hasnt aged well, and theres a reason these are throwaways. Its weak. Its not what we want. Its also a terrible reach to stay hip hop relevant.
4/10 – John D.


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