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The Book Of Eli – Messy The Man

The Book Of Eli – Messy The Man

💤 01. Saluting Is Yes
👎 02. This Is Why
🚮 03. Feverish (Feat. BruvaBiggz The BloodlinkCharlie Muscle) *I Can’t Hear you 
🆗 04. Greed
👎 05. Unequal Opportunity (Feat.🔥 Locksmith Music)
💤 06. I Don’t Care
🆗 07. What You Expected
🚮 08. Freakville *Reverb abuse
🚮 09. Be as You Speak (Feat. Kung Fu Vampire &🔥 Wrekonize)
👍 10. Whatcha Say Aint Whatcha Do
🆗 11. The Life I Lead (Feat. BusyBars & PaceWon Official)
💤 12. Distinction
🚮 13. What I Go Thru *Obviously didn’t check your album before you uploaded it.
🆗 14. Perspective
👎 15. Apeshit (Feat. JL B. HoodLocsaintleu, &Mo Rukuz)

Project is wack, You can clearly string some rhyme’s together. But that doesn’t mean it was good. Most of the time you can hardly hear him, When you could it was boring and lacking, Production is dated for the most part, Who ever was in charge of mixing and mastering this project robbed you. There is no consistence when it came to mixing you and your features(Who completely smoked you) into any of these tracks. Not to mention that track 11 & 13 are the same. Not a good look my guy. Think it’s time to reconsider a few things when it comes to this rap shit.
2/10 – M.

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