#MoreThanMe – JWherry

#MoreThanMe – JWherry


?01. Blame Chuck
?02. Gang Luv
?03. No Cap (Mad dead space at the end)
?04. Myths
??05. Feel a Way
??06. Soul Down
?07. Brief Intruder
?08. Militant
?09. Big Facts
?10. Rosedale Code
?11. Secured the Bag
Project is type wack. Dude can rap for sure but the beats the mixing, and just the subject matter were very uninspired. This some “ima record some new age shit in a week and just drop it” type shit. Below average new age, brag, from the mud, I was in uncle drew (because he said it enough times that i looked it up and he was, salute to that) type stuff. It didnt interest me at all, it was boring, and just made me wanna be done with it. Uninspired, like this review.
John D.


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