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Grumpy Old Man – Maddog Mcgraw

Grumpy Old Man – Maddog Mcgraw
Grumpy Old Man – Maddog Mcgraw”
🔥 01. Grumpy Old Man (TALK TO THEM!)
👍 02. Asshole Olympics
👍 03. Fallen
🆗 04. 2 Much
👍 05. The Death U Deserve
🆗 06. Fuck em
💤 07. Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg
🆗 08. Where’s My Belt (Im let down)
Project is a let down. With a Rap name like this and a album title that screams “Old Heads”, Unfortunately he sounds like diet old angry rapper. He has all the qualities of you typical old head, “Hates the new age”… “Fuck 69” ect… ect. But has zero flow and cadence from that era. There are tracks that caught my attention. Just wasn’t a solid body of work by any means.
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