Roach Gutta Slums – Rigz

Roach Gutta Slums – Rigz


Roach Gutta Slums – Rigz
?01. Roach Spray
?02. Watch Ya Mouth f. Rob Gates & Mooch
?03. Blessing da Throne
?04. Ima Kill Papi f. Times Change
?05. $Ream f. Dwayne Collins
?06. No Kap f. Rob Gates & Mooch
?07. Da Trap Couch f. Jai Black
?08. Fool
?09. Whyte Boy f. Mav & Mooch
?10. U Know Dat I Know f. Rob Gates
?11. Family Bizness
?12. Aces f. Mooch
?13. Bumpy Johnson
?14. Process Dat
Project is cold. The title explains it all. This is that real real street shit. Felt like chillen with a bunch of war torn hood cats who are very awake while they trade stories. Front to back I heard pieces of shit i grew up seeing, and still see, pieces of his own life story, but to add to it each feature added there own story sound and cadence. It all worked. The production is fire on top of it all but its the raps, the voices, the cadences even the hooks really made a statement. This is one of those ones that sadly could go unheard, but lets hope it makes waves. In heavy rotation.
John D.


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