#EmCee EP – Nejma Nefertiti

#EmCee EP – Nejma Nefertiti


??1. NejTona (it was type hard hearing her)
?2. u Don’t Kno
?3. Castles in the Sky (Remix)
?4. Jo (Dear Momma)
?5. Devoted (2Hiphop)
Project was type weak. She can rap for sure but the mix was messy, the beats went from wild noisy to just dull and boring. The only song that really came together type clean is the last track. No real direction or theme, more of a short compilation. Everything fell type short. Shame too because I can hear that she can fucking spit but only when I could actually hear her or the song encourage me to focus. This project aint the one but I truly believe she can put out some heat with a little more love on the side that doesnt involve the pen.
John D.


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