Last King – Sixman

Last King – Sixman


Last King – Sixman
?1. The Message
??2. Last King
?3. Pray 4 My Enemy’s
?4. Aprendi Feat FlameKiller
??5. The Bottom Feat Ras Victory
??6. Kingdom Eater
?7. Queen (Woman)
?8. Time Feat WASUN & Righteous Allah
?9. Lost One
?10. Not The Same
??11. Great Escape Feat PaceWon
?12. Meditation
??13. Concrete
??14. Black People
?15. Crime Stories
This album slaps and slides all at the same time, there’s that old boom bap feel and punchlines. The production is good no bad sound quality as well as the features did their job. This reminds me of being in NY on the block walking by niggas on the stoop looking to grab some loot.


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