Ray – trae yates

Ray – trae yates


Ray – trae yates
?01. Dry
?02. Steps
?03. Journal 1
?04. I Feel Blue
?05. Journal 3
?06. Fool’s Gold
?07. Reckless
?08. B Pill
?09. Stretch f. Anthony Kannon
?10. R Pill (Bonus Track)
This project slaps. I enjoyed it from front to back. Dude sounds almost like a flow heavy, extremely hungry slug. He is rapping his ass off. The beats are all dope and make his raps hit harder. The quality is clean you hear everything. The feature track felt like a bonus itself. It all comes together, tells a story, but most importantly he gets his message style and sound across. Very unique. Very aggressive. Wouldnt be suprised to see his name going around and honestly I would completely understand. In rotation.
John D.


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