Chance of a Lifetime – Lingo

Chance of a Lifetime – Lingo


Chance of a Lifetime – Lingo
?01. Chanec of a Lifetime
?02. Downfall f. Ayok (hook is ?)
?03. Fam First f. Ayok, J.A.I. Pera & THR3AT
?04. Small Wins
?05. 5 Minutes f. Buddhakai, Ian Taylor, Rozin Bars & Arkus
?06. Deja Vu
?07. Blink of an Eye f. THR3AT, Ayok, J.A.I. Pera & iLL ZakieL
?08. Breakthrough
??09. Pot of Gold
??10. The Goodness f. THR3AT, Ayok & J.A.I. Pera
?11. Homicide
?12. Funeral
Projects got a bunch of heart. Its all over the place its got like tracks aimed at more catchy type radio market, its got cypher type songs of course, why wouldnt it. Its got some dark tone tracks, but one thing im surprised it didnt really have was like a new age type banger to really mix it up. i also see you on your try out all types of hook shit, from singing ya ass off, effects city and d12 eminem type hooks. It was cool, features did they thing as they should and he stuck with his peoples which he didnt have to considering the people he’s worked with in GM and honestly he never really had to show he can rap, he does that plenty, this project showcases everything else. quality is here. features are here. its a good time. In rotation.
John D.


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