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Joey Tsunami – Yung Shenron

Joey Tsunami – Yung Shenron
Joey Tsunami – Yung Shenron
😂1. Intro
🚮2. Joey Tsunami
👎🏾3. Kingdom Hearts
😴4. Final Fantasy
🚮5. Hellsing Freestyle
🚛6. YouGetAllThat
📺7. Outro
Project is buttcheeks. Dude is like silently new age rapping to himself but it sounds like his head is down or he cant make eye contact in the mirror. The beats are mad low, and sound ok but whatever he is doing to them makes me hate them. The mixing was done in a can. Its just wack, there is no confidence, not even in the subject. Its ok to be a nerd, most people are, but tryna make it cool aint it. This is music for people who secretly think logic is the greatest of all time. Really think about that.
John D.
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