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Fredo 1.5 – Fredo Korleon

Fredo 1.5 – Fredo Korleon
Fredo 1.5 – Fredo Korleon
🆗1. Spliff To The Face
🆗2. Trophies
🆗3. Sexy Dance (ft OG Tra )
🆗4. Friend (ft BK )
🆗5. The Storm (ft Tay )
💤6. Drunk Textin
🆗7. Ends ( ft EPIK Lyfestyle)
The production on this project has a weird high energy feeling that i didnt vibe with. The raps is alright Fredo aint really saying shit most of the time but he was rapping about some street shit and has a good rap voice so its passable. Project woulda scored higher if most of the beats didnt lowkey give me anxiety.
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