Year 2006 – Mistah FAB

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Year 2006 – Mistah FAB

? 1. Hyphy Story
?2. One of Them Dudes
?3. Somuthafuckinloud (ft iamsu, E-40)
?4. Bammer Bitch (ft slimmy b)
?5. Can’t kill hyphy remix
?6. Toe up
?7. Still ain’t got money
??8. Don’t trust no
?9. I’m so lit
?10. First Fridays
?11. 84 Biarritz
?12. Hood rat things
?13. Kicked out again
?14. I bet you won’t
?15. iPhone and backwood
?16. Shaheed Akbar
?17. She Asked Me
WACKKKK 18. Ride it like a stolo
? 19. Still feeling it (remix)
?20. Still slapping
? 21. Don’t worry be hyphy
?22. Andre Hicks

Got damn it took me a long time to listen to this cup of shit. It’s not my taste, it’s horrible I tried I really did. The music is just so basic and boring. Every track is the same shit no matter who is on the songs. It’s track is the exact same thing. Production is ok nothing to really catch you or get you feeling the music. 22 songs of this hot garbage dont worry don’t listen I did it for y’all.


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