Off the rails – Snak The Ripper

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Off the rails – Snak The Ripper

?1. Off The rails
?2. Say My Name
?3. I aint dead
?4. Knuckle sandwich f. R.A. The Rugged Man Official Page
?5. Im good
?6. Real drugs
?7. Hour glass f. YOUNG SIN & EVIL EBENEZER
?8. All out f. RITTZ
?9. Ashes
?10. Baby boi f. Jaclyn Gee
?11. Driftin
?12. Shania Twain f. Jamo Gang
?13. Criminal Ideas f. ILL BILL & Reef The Lost Cauze
?14. Paid Up
?15. Highs and Lows
?16. Lesson Learned

This project is a banger, I truly enjoyed everything. Production bangs, Bars are heavy, all your features blessed the project with some quality. It nice to see that “real” Hip hop is still around and kicking.
9.8/10 – M.


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