Reflections Project – Notes EightyTwo

Reflections Project – Notes EightyTwo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Reflections Project – Notes EightyTwo

?1. Reflections Intro
??2. My Time
?3. Running Back
??4. #1
??5. Vultures
??6. Suicide
?7. Tell’em Pray
?8. All My Life
?9. Book Bag
??10. Bad Vs. Evil
??11. Golden Globes
?12. Reflections Outro
?13. Bonus (Underneath It All)

Project is dope. I am gonna say this dudes production selection is absolutely fantastic. Nothing against what he does with it but it def makes this project shine more, dude can rap for sure, has bars, flow, substance, cadence, confidence all that good stuff. So much room for improvement too, with more flow switchups at certain times to spice up the songs just a bit more and hes gonna be on top of my watchlist. Other than that he did his thing and I would honestly be let down if he doesnt get better from here. OWN SOME BEATS AND PUT YA SHIT ON ALL STREAMING YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS! In rotation.
John D.


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