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20threep – KHigh

20threep – KHigh

20threep – KHigh

🚚(x3)1.Fairly Odd (ft Offwite, D-Wootz)
🚚2. Blowing Time
🚚3. Silent Shots (ft D-Wootz)
🚚4. 20 Three
🚮5. Lips N’ Life
🚚(x2)6. Running With The Game (ft Yo Marty)

Trying to genuinely pay attention/understand to what these cats was saying took so much mental focus I caught a fucking nosebleed. This is the epitome of word salad. I can appreciate people wanting make art but you gotta have someone around who is honest and will help you with quality control. Your breathing is all over the place way outta pocket and rhyming nonsense with no substance. This ain’t it Chief try it again matter of fact ball this project up shout Kobe and toss this shit in the trash.

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