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Overdressed – Eddie Royal

Overdressed – Eddie Royal
Overdressed – Eddie Royal
🆗1. Pressure
😴2. Day Ones ft Dre
🆗3. IDGAF 
🌊4. Stop, Drop & Roll
🆗5. Right Price
😴6. Used to it ft Dre
🌊7. Dreams
👍8. Overdressed
🆗9. Bring me down
👍10. Truly Yours
😴11. Me to
🌊12. Put It On You
🆗13. Do It Again
🌊14. Feelings
🆗15. Overflow
😴16. Bars over bull shit

Same shit different guy. Nothing sounds orginal or stands out. It’s just “ok” music. It’s an ok project for what it is. Production is very laid back and some what boring. It can easily be drowned out in the background, but when you do listen to it, you would see it is decent but that’s all you are going to get from it is just decent good enough music.

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