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Mud, Sweat & Tears – Young Cannon

Mud, Sweat & Tears – Young Cannon

Mud, Sweat & Tears – Young Cannon

😴2.All About The Money (Feat. Sanny Mula)
💤3.Fire (Feat. King Aboriginal x Chubbs Gotti) 
🚮4.Low Key (Feat. Reek Cash x Chubbs Gotti)
👍🏾5.Heaven or Hell Freestyle (Feat. Mya)
😴6.Muthafuckx (Feat. Reek Cash x Chubbs Gotti)
👍🏾7.Stick Talk freestyle
💤8.Above Water (Feat. Tj Smith)
🆗9.Bo Strut
🔥10.Now I Gotta Lot (Feat. Chubbs Gotti)
👎🏾11.She Wanna (Feat. Reek Cash x FreeBandz Test)

Project is whatever. Production is fire, but other than that the raps are below average, quality is mad clean but hes literally rapping about my b***h, your b***h, new b***h, old b***h, then sometimes replace b***h with gun, and sprinkle in flip money, flip work, and i had nothing, now i get money for 10 tracks, that span damn near 5 minutes a pop, it gets boring quick. Compared to every other rapper that does the same thing hes not breaking the bottom 10, 20, 30 or lower. Hail Mary pass on this one.
John D.

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