Living Legend – Live Johnson

Living Legend – Live Johnson


Living Legend – Live Johnson
?1. New Era
?2. K.I.M.
??3. Wait For It
?4. Look Good
?5. The Return
??6. All Me
?7. Legendary
?8. Pawn to a King
??9. Giving up
?10. Voiceless


Project is solid, dude can rap for sure, he doesnt experiment much in flow and rhyme pattern but it gets the job done, it doesnt take away from this at all. Production for the most part is fire, some tracks were a lil boring but the beats slapped on most. Quality is very clean, you can hear everything that is supposed to be heard on here salute to that attention to detail. Some features, hit or miss when they miss they def messed the song up but when they hit, they hit. Overall project is very solid and comes together well. In rotation.
John D.


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