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Face – Clipping.

Face – Clipping.

Face – Clipping.

🆗1. Face
🚮2. Studio Freestyle 01
🔥3. Block
😴4. Face (Youth Code Remix)
👍🏾5. This Song is a Drug Deal (clipping. remix)
🆗6. Face (JPEGMAFIA remix)
👍🏾7. Face (Signor Benedick the Moor remix)
🔥8. Face (FLANCH remix)
🆗9. Face (Acapella)

Project makes me nervous, the few tracks that arent a remix of “Face” are the equivalent of if Yoko Ono starting a rap career, today. Lots of strange noises, its very distracting, it takes away from the actually music on those songs. Minus track 3 idk why but that song speaks to me, the remixes of face are strange but 2 of them were a good time especially the last remix, but the rap itself is just ok he can rap for sure especially on block hes saying some shit but other than that, im still on the fence. I would say throw the project away but I am afraid it would birth Skynet.
John D.

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