Two Headed Monster – Blueprint

Two Headed Monster – Blueprint

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Two Headed Monster – Blueprint

?1. Set it off
?2. Be like water
?3. A hero dies once 
?4. Don’t look back
?5. Night writers f. Slug of Atmosphere &Wordsworth
?6. Masterpiece
?7. Health is wealth f. Supastition & Mr. Lif
?8. Two-headed monster
?9. Pump-faking
?10. Good guys get ignored
?11. All shock no value f. Aceyalone
?12. Hoop dreamin f. Has-Lo

Project is solid. Production is dope, reminds me of them old MPC days, but done right. There is strong lyricism and some fire bars and with some substance which is what we need in hip hop nowadays. Stop wasting your time and listen to that real rap.


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