Virtues and Vices – Agstract

Virtues and Vices – Agstract

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Virtues and Vices – Agstract

?1. Genesis
?2. Life Lottery
?3. Blue Dream
?4. Know Rules
?5. Oxytocin
?6. Saturday
?7. Gotham f. Steez,& Uknojb
?8. Premonition
?9. Sunday Service f. Mas Da Don

Project is fucking dope, my only issue is that this isnt available on all platforms for everyone to experience so you lose a point for that, the variety all around is fire, hes rapping, flows, has bars, has substance, and can vibe too. The production is fucking dope as well and stresses his versatility because its so different. This has allot, gets soulful, gets very hip hop, and also vibes, quality is up there, and all around project it was a good time. In rotation easily.

John D.


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