IApologize4thedelay Mixtape – EasterJigga

IApologize4thedelay Mixtape – EasterJigga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IApologize4thedelay Mixtape – EasterJigga

?1. Blessings
?2. Auction
?3. Cheerios
?4. New Prod
?5. Easter OG
?6. Friends f. BlankCh3ck
?7. Lonely
?8. Pesos f. YoungGuapa
?9. AMPM
?10. Nonsense f. Genie
?11. Jiggy

This project isnt music. Production couldve been by god himself, but this guy wouldve found away to turn it into toilet water. Bars were nana nana booboo (when they decided to make an appearance) substance is pulp fiction john travolta meme, features were worse. What makes this more of a problem is the presentation and all seem to take itself very serious. Gonna negate 2 points for disabling ratings on datpiff because I spent time resetting my password to login and give this the worst rating that site allows. DatPiffdelete this project.
John D.


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