PAPI – Bodega Bamz

PAPI – Bodega Bamz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PAPI – Bodega Bamz

?1. Pa
?2. Broke
?3. Fuego
?4. Clout
?5. Praying
?6. Jefe
?️7. Emergency
?8. Band Aid
?9. Mad
?10. Terror
?11. Uncut f. Lil Eto
?️12. Sumthing
?13. Proud & Powerful
?14. 119th

This project goes hard, production is magnificent, it reminds me of the terror squad era ,which heavily influenced this project. Dope lyrics, some of it can be repetitive at times. Low key, production coming to the rescue on a few tracks, but for the most part, he held it down. If this album came out during the Terror Squad era,he’d definitely have a spot in the group. Overall, project is definitely worth the listen.


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