Escape from Hood Mountain – Froggy Fresh

Escape from Hood Mountain – Froggy Fresh

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?1. Nightmare on My Street Intro
??2. Nightmare on My Street
?3. Street Rangers 2 Intro 
?4. Street Rangers 2
?5. Zombie in my Basement Intro
?6. Zombie in my Basement
?7. Good guy shoes intro
?8. Good guy shoes
?9. Stolen Bikes 3 Intro
?10. Stolen Bikes 3
??11. The Fight 2
??12. Fish Outta Water
?13. Beast Mode
??14. Grown Man vs Dirt Kids
?15. Bad Guys
?16. Sleeping in the Tent Intro
?17. Sleeping in the Tent
?18. Prank Calls
?19. Grown Man vs Child
?20. Halloween III Intro
?21. Halloween III
?22. Nightmare Before Christmas Intro
?23. Nightmare Before Christmas
?24. Dunked on 2 Intro
?25. Dunked on 2
?26. Giant Jimmy Intro
?27. Giant Jimmy
?28. The Last Shot Intro
?29. The Last Shot

Project is a good time, whole project is a story. Its like watching an old school coming of age story. Voice is strange but his raps are clean and honest. He flex’s his arsenal by singing a good amount on this too but mainly putting together good complete songs. Production is a good time, story is a good time, raps are a good time minus 2 bad songs. All around this project is a good time, its funny, interesting and In rotation.


John D.


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