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Escape from Hood Mountain – Froggy Fresh

Escape from Hood Mountain – Froggy Fresh

Escape from Hood Mountain – Froggy Fresh

🆗1. Nightmare on My Street Intro
👎🏾2. Nightmare on My Street
🆗3. Street Rangers 2 Intro 
🔥4. Street Rangers 2
🆗5. Zombie in my Basement Intro
🔥6. Zombie in my Basement
🆗7. Good guy shoes intro
🔥8. Good guy shoes
🆗9. Stolen Bikes 3 Intro
🔥10. Stolen Bikes 3
👍🏾11. The Fight 2
👍🏾12. Fish Outta Water
🌊13. Beast Mode
👍🏾14. Grown Man vs Dirt Kids
🚮15. Bad Guys
🆗16. Sleeping in the Tent Intro
🆗17. Sleeping in the Tent
🌊18. Prank Calls
🔥19. Grown Man vs Child
🆗20. Halloween III Intro
🔥21. Halloween III
🆗22. Nightmare Before Christmas Intro
🆗23. Nightmare Before Christmas
🆗24. Dunked on 2 Intro
🔥25. Dunked on 2
🆗26. Giant Jimmy Intro
🔥27. Giant Jimmy
🆗28. The Last Shot Intro
🔥29. The Last Shot

Project is a good time, whole project is a story. Its like watching an old school coming of age story. Voice is strange but his raps are clean and honest. He flex’s his arsenal by singing a good amount on this too but mainly putting together good complete songs. Production is a good time, story is a good time, raps are a good time minus 2 bad songs. All around this project is a good time, its funny, interesting and In rotation.


John D.
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