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Spaghetti Factory – Peewee Longway

Spaghetti factory – Peewee Longway

Spaghetti factory – Peewee Longway

🆗1. Freestyle
🆗2. Crash
🚮3. Break it down 
🚮4. Feelin myself
💩5. Jumanji
🚮6. Fucc you
🚛7. Trappin MF
🛏8. I can’t get enough
🛏9. Crop it
🚮10. Boom

This album is absolutely horrid. You sound like a generic brand of trap music. There isn’t a single thing I liked. Not going to sugar coat it. Give up or take your ass back to the drawing board. You “no frills” offset…. I’m mad you are even getting put on this page….



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