empathogen – WILLOW

empathogen – WILLOW

empathogen – WILLOW

????01. home f. Jon Batiste

????02. ancient girl

????03. symptom of life

????04. the fear is not real

????05. false self

????06. pain for fun f. St. Vincent

????07. no words 1 & 2

????08. down

????09. run!

????10. between i and she

????11. “i know that face.”

????12. b i g f e e l i n g s

This white forward lightskin girl music. She lowkey hitting Serj Tankian notes on this then jumping in a lil Avril Lavigne bag and that’s when she not absolutely going in on the complex jazzy instances. The variety on this is very dope. Shout out to her linking with one of the most talented bands i’ve heard in a minute. It’s definitely not something you can put in a box or categorize comfortably or clearly. Its got jazzy, it’s got acoustic, it’s got radio pop, alt rock and more. Wish she would just put 1 rap track on this just to show that its in the bag too, but that side of her is probably buried on the parental trauma spectrum or brings back the fear of her previous one hit wonder isms before the streaming generation. This shows her range is very vast, and she can sing her ass off. Would love to see her work with more higher tier creatives like a dominik fike or a kid laroi or maybe even upcomers like Iniko to really see her put in work. Project is great, its got the vibe of a girl who loves crystals, moisturizes, but also rocks uggs and baggy band hoodies. In rotation.

Project: 8/10 || Art: 8/10 – John D.

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