Street Dreams – Cherp

Street Dreams – Cherp

Street Dreams – Cherp

????????01. SMD

????02. 1 of 1 f. Johnny Stacy

????03. Street Dreams

????04. Judas Betrayed Jesus

????05. All We Know

????06. Pour Out a lil Liqour

????07. Money Talks

????08. Into You f. Knoxxy & Sherwood and The loudpack

????09. How I Want It f. Breana Marin

????10. Still Love ME

????11. Don’t Tell Me To Chill f. Cazz

????12. Life We Chose

????13. Hard 2 Love f. Tee Melly

????14. Love Dangerous

Project is very solid. You can tell dude already knows he can rap but really wanted to dive into song making, so you see alot going on as far as variety and risks. None of it fails, he did exactly what he was supposed to. The raps are here, this has a dope hooks whether its him or features, its got dope features and really dope production. The pacing is solid but truly takes off towards the second half. He goes from a more emotional, R&B type sound to just heavyweight raps over samples. It takes you for a wild ride. His voice, cadence and inflections are dope, sometimes it meshes a bit harsher with the softer songs but nothing ever comes off bad. Throw is on for some hood flash and stories, shit that you just wanna fuck up your car speakers too. In rotation.

Project: 8.2/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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