Deeper Than Rap – RugRat DeNiro

Deeper Than Rap – RugRat DeNiro

Deeper Than Rap – RugRat DeNiro

????01. It’s Only Me (Intro)

????????02. The Last Opp

????03. Triple Cross

????????04. Bacc In That Mode

????????05. Raw

????06. Go!

????????07. Take It Off

????????08. Up the Sco

????09. FInal Fantasy

????10. Bmf

????11. Beat the Odds

????12. The Heartbreak Song

Project is slightly above mids. Everything on this dances on that line of have I heard this before? But why am I kinda enjoying it? He flowing and talking that mainstream aggro thuggery shit but the fact that hes riding the beat so smoothly and even puts together some simple but catch hooks keeps this energy going. This music you out on when you flexing in the mirror with a gun and tryna figure out which shoes go good with it. This might not be the project that will change the minds of hip hop elders but it might be the one they don’t immediately turn off. In rotation.

Project: 6.5/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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