Annimeanz – Annimeanz & Jazoe Da Juggernaut

Annimeanz – Annimeanz & Jazoe Da Juggernaut

Annimeanz – Annimeanz & Jazoe Da Juggernaut

????01. Wind It Up

????02. Chess

????03. Like That

????04. Back On The Grind

????05. Interlude

????06. How You A Boss

????07. Gangsta Boogie

????08. Wallo f. Glasses Malone

This one hell of a balancing act between very smooth and very gangsta. Every beat on here not only bangz but still manages to want to make you bust out your two step. Then you have Annimeanz just sliding talking super slick, might make you go out and by an expensive watch just to drive around with it hanging out the window, and contrasting with Jazoe’s gritty more struggle delivery that makes you wanna start an organization in your basement. This project is like a new car loaded with scuffed weaponry, no serials in sight. The tracks aren’t long so they get straight to the point as far as raps and hooks. Sounded like there was some ghost features on here too that also did they thing. Can’t be mad at this, 20 minutes of just back to back gangsta shit that you can drive around too or even play around a certain breed of females without scaring them off. High replay value for sure, whether you running it to rap along, or just to have on. In rotation.

Project: 8.5/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.

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