Royal Blu – Blu & Roy Royal

Royal Blu – Blu & Roy Royal

Royal Blu – Blu & Roy Royal

????1. L.A. Blue

????2. The Royal

????3. The Same OG

????4. The Priceless f. Cashus King

????5. The Living God

????6. The Legendary

????7. Before I Go

????8. Outro

This is some smooth gangsta shit. This album was a good time. It was a pure unadulterated ode to crippin. The album incorporates heavy amounts of DJ scratches that were dope. Appreciate the classic west coast tracks sampled in the cuts. The album starts off strong, then it coasts for a while and ends strong. It bumps in the whip and doesn’t try to do too much, and it doesn’t really need to either. This is a project that’s just for the set and for LA hip-hip enthusiasts/community to vibe to. Overall, this album is solid and a great representation of great LA Hip-Hop music. In rotation.

Project: 7/10 || Art: 9/10 – RecklessDWR

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