Relapse – LMB Letrece

Relapse – LMB Letrece

Relapse – LMB Letrece

????01. Red Painted Blue Room

????02. Guapele f. Teeezy

????03. Try Me f. LG Malique

????04. I Swear

????05. Top Opp

????06. Heartless f. Austin Corini

????07. Appreciated f. THATBOYDAYDAY

????08. Toxic Love

????09. Staying Focused

Project is very dope. Its super grounded in his hood and the streets. The back and forth between him rapping his ass off then delivering some smooth shit to vibe to or put on when you around a female who most likely has knives on her is a good time too. He mixes it up from this scratchy stick up kid Nipsey struggle voice raps, where he is talking spicy but also talking super nice, to him just sliding and riding whatever production he is on. The sped up flow on here is very in pocket and honestly sets him that much higher in the lane of this type of music. The subject matter makes it very him but also has a very realistic relatability to it that I honestly just wasnt expecting. Pacing is solid, mixes are clean, features offering that dope contrast and the variety on here is dope for something that is only 9 tracks. Easily in rotation.

Project: 7.8/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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