The 12 Jewels (Knowledge) – DJ Prominent

The 12 Jewels (Knowledge) – DJ Prominent

The 12 Jewels (Knowledge) – DJ Prominent

????01. 12 Jewels

????02. Mathematics

????03. Me & You

????04. Knowledge of Self

????05. Love Movement

????06. That’s How It Is ….

????07. Funky Look

????08. Just a Loser

????09. Bonita’s Hop

????10. Made You Look

????11. Sunny Daze

????12. Actual Facts

????13. My 3 Hearts

????14. Words From the Dove

????15. Final Thoughts

This for hip hoppers to just turn they brain off too or absolutely rap they ass off too while alone. This is dope samples, clean drums and just all around smooth production. This has that backpacker underground woke flair to it. Some of these you will hear Mos def on or even different era’s of Will Smith to be honest. This will put you in one of those relaxing time machines that lowkey could make you sad and miss those times. The pacing is dope, the vibe is very dope and honestly only brought happy thoughts and positivity to mind. Its not too long so as a whole or individually its easy to just loop. This might be my go to, heading into the summer when I don’t really know what to put on. In rotation.

Project: 8/10 || Art: 9/10 – John D.

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