2093 – Yeat

2093 – Yeat

2093 – Yeat

????????01. Psycho CEO

????02. Power Trip

????03. Breathe

????04. Morë

????05. Bought The Earth

????????06. Nothing Changë

????07. U Should Know

????08. Lyfestylë f. ????Lil Wayne

????09. ILUV

????????10. Tell Më

????????11. Shade

????12. Keep Pushin

????13. Riot & Set it off

????14. Team ceo

????15. 2093

????16. Stand On It f. ????Future

????17. Famillia

????????18. Mr. Inbetweenit

????19. Psychocainë

????20. Run Thëy Mouth

????21. If We Being Rëal

????22. 1093

This music from the future for sure, but that future music is ass. This is variety of frequencies and buzzing noises over some solid production and this dude just trying to autotune himself being as play and monotone as possible. You can understand most of what hes saying but it honestly doesn’t take much to understand hes just talking about the same shit. It has moments when the melodies click and the sad boy stuff mixes but overall its like listening to someone throwing a beat behind the sounds your microwaves make. Features were dope they made it very real that this weird future music can be done right if you actually can rap over it. Pacing is too long. Its allot of rinse and repeat so it really takes away from when its actually decent. This might be him at the point of his career where he actually wants to try and be an artist. Id pass on it.

Project: 3.6/10 || Art: 5/10 – John D.

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