The Vision EP – Notes82

The Vision EP – Notes82

The Vision EP – Notes82

????01. Shining Star f. Stephanie Robinson

????02. Write Tonight

????03. Martin Malcolm f. Chris Crown

????04. New York Times

????05. Way Dream

????06. No Justice No Peace

This is how you put out an EP. You set up some fire singles, and then save the extra heat for the full effect and close the shit out with a bang. This is 6 back to back heaters to show you that NY golden era sound is here and as aggressive as ever. You got some solid punches, a dope cadence and voice, allot to relate to if you from NY and in that 30 range and some of the best production out there. Even if his punches aren’t haymakers the tracks as a whole hit that hard. Features added a nice sprinkles of seasoning to the tracks and it all comes together. This music for dudes who still talk about the old Yankee Stadium being the best. Throw this on and you cannot deny that inner thought to rob a bodega or press some corner workers to direct you to the stash, and then tell them to get they life together because you’ve seen where the path leads you. In rotation.
Project: 9/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.

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