Thieves Code 2 – Snook Da Crook

Thieves Code 2 – Snook Da Crook

Thieves Code 2 – Snook Da Crook

????01. 1 Of 1

????02. Skin Of Your Teeth

????03. Numbers Over The Suckers f. Planet Asia & Ill Conscious

????04. Number 2

????05. Kevin Liles

????06. Trail Of Pain

????07. A Thief And A Pimp f. Wais P

????08. Grey 20’s

????09. Double Gloved

????10. Shining In The Mud f. Staxx 410

This like a modern more punchline heavy take on that street shit MOP set the world on fire with. This dude got punching people with weapons energy. You got all the gritty street shit, the street banger beats to go with them, and then you have some heavy features too who all showed up. The features made me wanna hear him with more killers because the contrast was that dope. Pacing was dope, and he was out here throwing bombs. Pacing is high energy, this football team locker room vs rivals music. If you are looking for something that will make you feel like you need a shapeup or your braids fuzzy, this that street corner stick up kid shit that you been looking for. Throw this on in any hood. In rotation.

Project 8.9/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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