Old Soul – L’Orange

Old Soul – L’Orange

Old Soul – L’Orange

????01. The Good Shepherd

????02. Lost Souls f. Hassaan Mackey, yU & Kelsey Lu

????03. Her Sins

????04. Halliday

????05. The Audition

????06. Cafe Society

????07. Know Love

????08. The Heroine

????09. The Night

????10. The Mourning

????11. Cafe Lover f. Blu

This is how you do a beat tape. The samples alone tell a story. The pacing is dope. The beats have beats within beats and arent just the same sequences looped for the most part. Then you have a few tracks with raps on them that bop and give you just a little bit of what you need. The flips on this touched my soul, and honestly every single track had me just waiting to see the exact point where it would turn my face into women’s stretch marks. This you can hear behind movies, you can put on while vibing and relaxing, or if you wanna freestyle at a lady you invited over for some fun. Throw this on period. In rotation.

Project: 8/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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