If You Really Know Me Part 2 – JaseFetti

If You Really Know Me Part 2 – JaseFetti

If You Really Know Me Part 2 – JaseFetti
?01. Judge Me Today
??02. Demon prod. Frozy
??03. Diary entry prod. Frozy
?04. Misunderstood prod. 5crime
?05. Whats the sound prod. aria1k
?06. Demons they need second chances prod. 3rdeye
??07. Tea prod. aria1k
?08. Look up to me prod. aria1k
?09. Attachment style prod. aria1k
?10. So long prod. aria1k
Project is a mess and should stay on soundcloud. The idea is here but outside of that the stiff delivery, the fairytale princess beats and his high school diary lyrics don’t hit. All the effects and mixes are a mess too. If he is in the lower teen range then good for him for trying, if he is an adult then this might be an awakening. If dude really wanted to he probably could put out something smooth because there were some songs on here that weren’t bad, but knowing how these young knuckle heads work in these times, this might be the only direction, and no room for growth. Throw this one out.
Project: 3/10 || Art: 3/10 – John D.

if you really know me part 2 by JaseFetti

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