Grow Up! – The Season

Grow Up! EP – The Season

Grow Up! – The Season
?01. Grow Up!
?02 Easy Street
?03. Grown Folks
?04. Not Funny
?05. Step Like Me
This is a dope 11 minutes, and for a quick 5 song ep, it had a whole album feel. Peppered with some catchy hooks and wavy intricate verses, The Season is flexing his pen a bit here. Without a doubt the title track is the stand out, and while it could have just been a single, it’s cool that The Season threw a few more songs out with it. Vocals have a little too much of that shortwave radio effect, and most of the beats are pretty sparse, but nothing sounds “bad”, it’s just not a fully realized project, but maybe it’s not supposed to be. Give it a listen, but I’d say keep an ear out for what he comes with next.
Album : 6.9/10 || Artwork: 5/10 – Euphonic

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