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Oroku Saki – Mickey Diamond

Oroku Saki – Mickey Diamond
?01. Can Opener
?02. Oroku Saki
?03. Chrome Dome
?04. Wow!
?05. Krangstrumental
?06. Multiverse
?07. Turtle Soup
?08. The Foot
?09. Ooze
?10. Shredder Vs. Casey Jones f. Mondo Slade & Swab
If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s or are a teenager that appreciates classics, this will hit for you. Its got all the Ninja Turtles themes, bars and such and even some other comics thrown in there. Track 7 will be a good time for anyone who enjoys anything Marvel. There are way more references in here but these are the most obvious. Dude is rapping, he got a very dope, big cadence and delivery. Very doom inspired for sure, hes also out here punching, mixing in wordplay on top of a very dope variety of beats, all having something nostalgic incorporated. All around a great time with good replay value too. In rotation for sure, this for anime, cartoon and comic fans that actually can fight.
Project: 8/10 || Art: 9/10 – John D.

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