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Two! – 3Mikey

Two! – 3Mikey
Two! – 3Mikey
🆗01. What Life Come to!
🚮02. Ima Be Fresh as F**k If Da Feds Watching!
🚛03. No Flockin!
💤04. Somewhere Probably Uhh…
🗑05. Still Wrappin / Rappin’
🗑06. Ahead of Who?
🚛07. Omg!
🚛08. Can’t Be Like Me!
🌊09. Struck Gold! f. Skip Killroy
🆗10. Words to the Blind
Project sucks. Its bottom of the barrel cookie cutter mainstream cloning without the budget and engineering type shit that used to flood soundcloud but they all somehow managed to figure out how to lease or purchase beats and put music on all streaming. Content is super invincible cheat code aggro thuggery. The beats arent bad they hit that mainstream mold, but the way the vocals are mixed on some of these is criminal. The one track with a feature is actually the most solid on here, he shines when he does the sad boy sound up until you listen to what hes saying. Its not worth a listen, there comes a point where you have to decide, do you want your lyrics to be good or do you want your music to be sonically pleasing? its a shame that it comes down to that but in the future a decision has to be made.
Project: 1.8/10 || Art: 4/10 – John D.
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