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Funklore – Senor Gigio

Funklore – Senor Gigio
Funklore – Senor Gigio
😴01. Open tha Front Door (Intro)
🌊02. A Knight’s Quest 2 Quest f. Johnny Venetti
👎🏾03. The Greatest Story Neva Told f. DJ StepDaddy
😴04. Cozmic Mirror of Truth f. Los Flying Turntables
🆗05. Dark Forest06. Hair 2 Tha Throne
👍🏾07. Shake Yo’ Memory Maker f. Johny Venetti
🆗08. Super Psychic Kitty
🚮09. Mummified Pharaoh
🌊10. Citizens of a Supadupa Nature
🔥11. All Types of Shrapnel
👍🏾12. Hakeem & Fatima f. Genoa Brown & Fistikuts
🌊13. The New Narrative f. Opio & DJ StepDaddy
👍🏾14. Random Acts of Nonconformity
🌊15. 1st Time 4 Everything f. Madi Dangerously
👍🏾16. Not As Little AS U Think U R f. Solomon Alber
🆗17. Always Something Bigga Than U f. Ian Robles
😴18. I Won’t Go 2 Hell With U
🗑19. Iz There Anything Else?
Projects wild. Its a whole lot to digest, from him being mad goofy but also knowing how to rap, from the production randomly going from dope to entirely too busy within the same exact track, to the subject matter being all over the fucking place but to the point of actually hurting your head. Most of the songs on here at the start im like “okayyy” then minutes in im just like “okay”. This could have been so much better if every song lost a minute or 2. Its one thing to have allot to say and get a message across, then theres just filling up space. There is a whole lot of filling in space, from some very bad hooks, to random singing to whatever other strange filler he comes up with. This project needed an executive producer badly to just pump the brakes on most of the weird shit he does and tell him the songs are solid, and not to ruin them. I wouldn’t listen to this again, I feel like the upset would grow.
4.8/10 – John D.
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